Leather garments, the ideal complement

leather jackets


Leather is the skin of animals that has undergone a process to obtain a material of great strength and flexibility. This material has been used by humans since prehistoric times for clothing, footwear and shelter. Today, leather garments are highly appreciated for their durability, because they bring distinction, because they always look great and because they are ideal for protecting us from the cold. If you want to know more about leather garments and how to wear them, you've come to the right article.

The leather process: a brief review

The process that the fur of animals undergo before being ready to make a beautiful jacket or an incredible pair of boots is quite long.  It all starts with the separation of the skin from the animals, the hair is removed and it undergoes a tanning process.

After the leather has been tanned, all the water is removed and it is sent to a classification site where it is separated according to its quality (if they have scratches, cuts or marks). Finally, the leather receives its final appearance: shine, color, texture, engravings, and so on. Now it is ready for garment making.

Different leathers, different characteristics

Leather garments, such as boots or jackets, are very well appreciated because they provide a sophisticated look from a natural material; however, before purchasing a leather garment, it is necessary to know the types of leather that exist and their characteristics, so you will know what to expect from your garment and how to care for it.

The leathers are classified according to their finishes, according to their tanning and according to their animal origin. In this article, we will focus on the characteristics of the leathers according to their origin.

  • Lamb leather: this type of leather is well known for its soft and flexible texture, so it is the perfect material for high quality leather shoes, jackets and other clothing.

    Lambskin is characterized by its elasticity, so when you wear clothing in lamb leather you will feel that it adapts to your silhouette, is comfortable and, despite being soft, is very resistant.

  •  Bovine leathers: they are characterized for being very resistant leathers. In fine leather goods, the hides of calves (less than one year old) and unborn cattle are especially appreciated, as the garments created with them are of high quality, flexible and durable.

  • Pig leather: this type of leather usually has small holes as pigs' hair penetrates deep into their skin.  The pig leather is more rigid than that obtained from the cow. It is ideal for footwear, jackets and wallet linings.
  • Goat leather: this is a tough but elegant leather. It has a very fine and smooth texture, as well as a lustrous and glossy finish.

The types of leather mentioned above are the most commonly used in the manufacture of clothing and footwear, but also used are bird hides, reptiles and fish, as well as raccoon skins, toads, among others.

How to wear a leather jacket and boots

Now that you know how to select the leather that best suits your preferences, it's time for tips on looking great in leather clothing.

  • Leather jacket and jeans: whether you are a man or a woman, a leather jacket will give you a jovial and informal look. Leather is such a versatile fabric that you can use it with jeans if the context allows it.
  • Leather jacket and dress shirt: a casual look (casual trousers, shoes and dress shirt, and tie) can also be accompanied by a leather jacket, especially if it is made from high quality leather. This look is very suitable for a young professional in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Leather jacket and midi skirt: if you are looking for comfort and style, this look is the right one. The skirt below the knee accompanied by a t-shirt is currently a trend, but if you complement your outfit with a leather jacket and boots, you will simply look fabulous.
  • Fitted dress or skirt high cut and crop top: complement that look with a leather jacket and some stiletto heels to look extremely sexy, ideal for going out at night.
  • Rockstar look: all you need is a black pair of trousers and T-shirt, a black leather jacket and boots. You'll look great!

Special care for your leather garments

Your leather garments will get prettier with time, but of course, only if you give them the necessary care.

When you decide to clean your leather jackets, bags or shoes, you should use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt, then apply a special cleaning cream. When buying genuine leather products, it is recommended that you also buy care products.

The leather jackets and boots are pieces that should not miss in your wardrobe, because they provide protection and quality; in addition, you can combine them in a thousand ways and always look very good.

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