Olang boots, your best choice for this winter season

olang boots

If there is a perfect type of footwear for the winter season, it is the boots. When we think about the clothes and footwear we will be wearing, we always take into account several factors, which are usually: the occasion (we don't dress the same way to go to work or to go out with friends or to be at home), colors, textures and, of course, our own style. However, there is one more detail to bear in mind that is of great importance: the season of the year.

In summer, you can wear light clothes and bare footwear and nothing happens, but can you imagine what would happen if you were exposed to the cold of winter with bare footwear? The cold can affect your health and compromise the integrity of your feet, which is why winter boots should not be missing from your wardrobe.

If when you think of winter boots, styles that don't fit your personality come to mind, believe me, there's nothing to worry about: thanks to technological advances and fashion designers, there's now a wide variety of winter boot styles to suit even the most demanding tastes. These are made from a variety of materials, including genuine leather and PU leather. 

For this winter season, finding the perfect boots will not be difficult, as I am sure I have the proposal that suits your needs: the Olang boots. Do you want to know their characteristics? This article is for you.

Sturdy soles with more traction

Olang boots are equipped with special soles that will give you safety when walking on slippery surfaces and in the snow. Now you can forget about the traction chains for shoes (some of them are even quite annoying), as the soles of Olang boots have the traction you need plus the comfort and style you deserve. Some of them are:

  • OC System soles: Olang winter boots with the best Italian OC System-equipped soles, for both men and women, are perfect for increasing grip in snow and ice.These boots have a sole equipped with 16 stainless steel pivoting and folding cleats that you can use in two positions: grip-on, which will allow you to be confident in the ice thanks to its non-slip steel bolts, and grip-off, which will allow you to walk on any surface without damaging your feet.
  • Vibram Arctic Grip soles: Vibram has been a leader in the production of high quality rubber soles for over 80 years. For its part, Olang has lines of winter boots designed for women, which incorporate a sole with Vibram Arctic Grip technology, which has among its advantages the optimization of grip on wet ice without the need for steel bolts.

Warm, comfortable and resistant materials

Olang winter boots are made from genuine leather, PU leather and polyester, materials that give you the fit you need for comfort and are very durable and high quality.

As for the lining of the Olang winter boots, have a breathable insulating film and a lining that can be made of sheepskin or wool and felt, perfect combinations of comfort, quality and thermal insulation.

Variety of styles

Thanks to the new designs made available to the public by the Olang brand, it is now very easy to find modern, elegant and functional winter boots.

Olang has winter boots for both men and women, with high, medium and low reeds, in bright colours and in the traditional black and brown, with padded effect, with buckles, laces, boots that combine different materials, and so on. In short, Olang has a style for every personality and for every occasion.

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